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#songoftheday: Jimi Hendrix – Who Knows

After The Jimi Hendrix Experience broke up, Hendrix got together with Billy Cox and Buddy Miles to form Band of Gypsys.

Who Knows is the lead track off of their only album, and the final release from Jimi before his death, later that year. One of my favourite things about it, is that they have Jimi Hendrix playing guitar (one of the greatest soloists of all time), but still dedicate over a full minute to a scat solo.

#songoftheday: Orianthi – According To You

I walked out of Michael Jackson’s This Is It really impressed by two things. The first was Man in the Mirror (love that chorus), and the second was Orianthi.

After that, it was a pleasant surprise to hear her get some mainstream radio airplay. In a nice change from a lot of top 40 music, she does an excellent job of mixing a distinctly pop sound with some blistering guitar solos.

#songoftheday: Pearl Jam – Yellow Ledbetter

There’s this old Disney short called “Music Land”, where all the characters are musical instruments and they only speak through music. The guitar parts in this song are what I’d imagine a super relaxed guitar from Music Land would sound like.

I refuse to look up the lyrics to this one, because I’m pretty sure that it would make it infinitely less fun to sing along to.

#songoftheday: AC/DC – Walk All Over You

AC/DC always struck me has a band that really knew how to do a great intro. Thunderstruck, Hells Bells, Riff Raff, If You Want Blood (You Got it)…the list goes on and on.
Going around 30 seconds before the vocals even kick in is practically a given in an one of their songs.

Of all these intros, I’m pretty sure this song from Highway to Hell has my favourite. It’s just too bad they rarely play it live.

#songoftheday: Jimmy Eat World – Sweetness

The secret to time travel has officially been discovered, and it’s not the Flux Capacitor. It’s music. As soon as I hear this song, I’m instantly back riding shotgun in Castellani’s VW Beetle on the way to play in my first senior football game.

It’s funny how some songs can become so inextricably linked to a single time and place.