It’s kind of a big deal.  In my life, it’s been a big part of the good times and the bad. Certain songs or albums that have the power to be right there with you when you’re down, or to provide the perfect soundtrack to life’s happiest moments.

The whole idea of this blog is to highlight those songs and albums that had an impact on me, personally.  Whether it be a certain turning point in my life, or something that impacted my musical tastes.  I’d like to start at (or close to) the beginning, and work my way up to today, but I’m sure there’ll be random detours along the way.

Another thing that I’m trying to do is post a new song every day. Songs that I feel like people should check out, regardless of their tastes in music.  They won’t all appeal to everyone, but that’s not really what it’s all about anyway.  I’m trying to keep it reasonably representative of my tastes at any given time, so the only thing that really ties the randomness together, is that I like all of it.



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