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#songoftheday: Crash Kings – It’s Only Wednesday

A rock band doing guitar solos?
Nothing too interesting about that.

What sets Crash Kings apart, is that they’re a rock band without a guitar player. They do, however, have a very talented pianist, who manages to simulate hammer-ons, pull-offs, and bends with the help of his modified keyboard.

Here’s a good showcase that the band posted on YouTube:


#songoftheday: Jimi Hendrix – Who Knows

After The Jimi Hendrix Experience broke up, Hendrix got together with Billy Cox and Buddy Miles to form Band of Gypsys.

Who Knows is the lead track off of their only album, and the final release from Jimi before his death, later that year. One of my favourite things about it, is that they have Jimi Hendrix playing guitar (one of the greatest soloists of all time), but still dedicate over a full minute to a scat solo.