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#songoftheday: AC/DC – The Jack (Live)

Another example of the live version really bringing a song to another level.

The studio version of The Jack is your everyday blues jam about STIs. Toss 65 000 fans into the mix though, and you’ve got yourself a sing-along burlesque show, starring a middle-aged man in a schoolboy uniform.

#songoftheday: The Who – I’ve Been Away

John Entwistle didn’t write a huge percentage of the Who’s output, but anytime you see his name in the liner notes, you can bet you’re in for something interesting. “I’ve Been Away” is a perfect example of that.

This B-Side from Happy Jack is probably the most lighthearted song ever written about betrayal and revenge.

#songoftheday: Crash Kings – It’s Only Wednesday

A rock band doing guitar solos?
Nothing too interesting about that.

What sets Crash Kings apart, is that they’re a rock band without a guitar player. They do, however, have a very talented pianist, who manages to simulate hammer-ons, pull-offs, and bends with the help of his modified keyboard.

Here’s a good showcase that the band posted on YouTube: