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#songoftheday: Michael Jackson – Billy Jean

It’s been my experience that this song is almost guaranteed to be played at least once, and nearly every wedding reception.

This single song’s been not just present for,  but been a big motivation behind my change in attitude towards dancing over the years.

Growing up, the mere thought of dancing would bring on the intense anxiety, and fear of not only looking awkward, but being judged by spectators.  At some point, Billy Jean came along, and it was less of a big deal to just move to the music.  I stopped worrying about what people might think and just focused on what was important: having fun.


#songoftheday: Orianthi – According To You

I walked out of Michael Jackson’s This Is It really impressed by two things. The first was Man in the Mirror (love that chorus), and the second was Orianthi.

After that, it was a pleasant surprise to hear her get some mainstream radio airplay. In a nice change from a lot of top 40 music, she does an excellent job of mixing a distinctly pop sound with some blistering guitar solos.