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#songoftheday: Pearl Jam – Brother

Most of my favourite bands have a single song, or album that I think of as the definitive point where I became a lifelong fan. As far as Pearl Jam’s concerned, this is the one that “got me into” Pearl Jam.

I’d heard the odd song of theirs over the years, and always enjoyed what I’d come across, but this was the track that got me to listen through “Ten” for the first time. The release of “Backspacer” shortly after that sealed the deal.


#songoftheday: The Who – I’ve Been Away

John Entwistle didn’t write a huge percentage of the Who’s output, but anytime you see his name in the liner notes, you can bet you’re in for something interesting. “I’ve Been Away” is a perfect example of that.

This B-Side from Happy Jack is probably the most lighthearted song ever written about betrayal and revenge.