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The Best of Bill Cosby


Ok, so this one’s definitely not music, but it still has a place here.

Growing up with my great grandparents, pop music wasn’t really a thing.  The radio was pretty securely tuned to either the CBC (which I would grow to love over time), and a northern Michigan christian radio station.

In the basement, they had a pretty sizable vinyl collection, which mostly consisted of gospel records (which kind were a bit heavy for my young self to think of as a fun listen), and country records (I didn’t understand the appeal then, and I don’t understand it now).

Nestled in between all of this was one oddity. A Bill Cosby compilation album. Needless to say, as the one album that dared to be different, I gave it more than a few listens though.
From start to finish, the album provides this relatively wholesome brand of comedy that I still get a solid laugh out of to this day.

While “Driving in San Francisco” gave me an early glimpse of what it would be like to drive a stick shift, and “The Lone Ranger” really made me feel for Tonto, it’s always been “Revenge” that gets me every time.  It’s a track that’s all about the setup.  Cosby paints the perfect picture of a kid who’s been grievously wronged (a slushball to the face), and his quest for sweet retribution. I’ll still call the odd person “gunky” as an inside joke with my 9 year old self.  I’m still hoping someone else will get someday.

Have a listen:

So yeah….not music, but it was the first album that had me sitting on the floor, and listening to on repeat.  That whole idea seems pretty “rock and roll” to me.