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#songoftheday: Arcade Fire – Here Comes The Night Time

Arcade Fire might not be the first band that pops to mind at the mention of dance music, but a good chunk of Reflektor  has it’s own unique dance vibe.

I wouldn’t necessarily put this on a club mix, but with the right people, it’d be a perfect dance tune  for an open field on a warm, rainy night.



#songoftheday: The Allman Brothers Band – Blue Sky

In a lot of metal songs,  the guitarist going off on some perpetual solo tangent seems to me like they’re missing the point.  It’s technically impressive, but can lose that sense of melody and feeling from the song.

In this song  Duane Allman and Dickey Betts definitely let their guitars loose, but it almost seems like the sincere expression of a pure joy that they can’t keep inside.  As if they just can’t stop gushing about some new love, but instead of words, they’re speaking in guitar solos.

I like to think that everyone in this band had a big dumb grin on their face during the whole performance of Blue Sky.