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#songoftheday: Arcade Fire – Here Comes The Night Time

Arcade Fire might not be the first band that pops to mind at the mention of dance music, but a good chunk of Reflektor  has it’s own unique dance vibe.

I wouldn’t necessarily put this on a club mix, but with the right people, it’d be a perfect dance tune  for an open field on a warm, rainy night.



#songoftheday: Daft Punk – Horizon

I feel like this instrumental track from Daft Punk, is a perfect example of how well they managed to mix traditional recording techniques and instruments, with a progressive electronic sound on their latest album. It’s not easy to sound retro, modern, and original all at the same time.

It was definitely worth waiting the extra month to import the special edition of the album from Japan.

#songoftheday: Tegan and Sara – Now I’m All Messed Up

Before this album came out, the only Tegan and Sara song I knew was “Walking With A Ghost”. A little over 6 months after picking this album up, I was watching them perform the majority of it live in Montreal.

Needless to say, it was one of the best impulse buys that I’ve ever made.

#songoftheday: Ansol & Dyro – Top of the World (Dyro Dubstep Rework)

It’s finally starting to feel like the most brutal winter of my lifetime is starting to give way, so here’s a bit of dubstep to ring in the springtime.

For a bit of an international focus, this song features Dyro (from France) remixing a song from the Canadian/Norwegian Duo, Ansol.