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#songoftheday: Cat Stevens – Two Fine People

I’m usually not a big fan of “Greatest Hits” albums.  On one hand, they make for an accessible intro to any given band/artist.  On the other, they can take a song out of the context of the original album, and really diminish it’s effect.

Cat Stevens’ first greatest hits album gets a pass because it brings something new to the table.  Specifically, this great song.




#songoftheday: Nazareth – Hair of the Dog

Usually the guitarist is the one in charge of the talk box. When Nazareth plays this live however, the lead guitar player still does their thing, and the lead singer has the plastic tubing in their mouth. To add a bit to the presentation, instead of just some plastic tubing, they’ve fashioned it into a set of bagpipes. Functionally, it’s the exact same, but it makes for a great stage prop.