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#songoftheday: Sloan – Follow The Leader/The Answer Was You/Unkind

I’m bending the #songoftheday rules a bit on this one. This medley from Sloan’s 20th anniversary album, The Double Cross, is a great example of Sloan putting the album format to good use. A band of four equally talented songwriters working together to make some great music.


#songoftheday: Dinosaur Jr. – What Was That

It’s pretty rare that a band reforms with its original members, 17 years after breaking up, and consistently puts out music that’s just as good, if not better, than all of their pre-breakup material. This song off their 2012 album “I Bet on Sky”, is a perfect example of Dinosaur Jr. pulling off this feat. Every time I listen to it, I’m convinced that it’s the perfect accompaniment to a lazy river inner tube ride.

#songoftheday: Ellie Goulding – You My Everything

I didn’t really take much notice of Ellie Goulding until I saw her perform live at Osheaga last summer. One of the many instances of acts with more electronic sounding records that really impressed me with live sets integrating traditional instruments.
For a taste of that live performance, here’s a track from the bonus disc of the deluxe version of her second album, Halcyon.